Engagement rings: which model to choose?

Meaning of Engagement rings

Engagement rings have been around since Egyptian antiquity. In modern times, engagement rings signify the first commitment a couple in love makes to fulfill the mystery of what a path together withholds. Engagement rings are the symbolic objects with which the marriage proposal is made. They usually feature diamonds and are worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Types of engagement rings


The hallmark of engagement rings with a central stone, the solitaire ring has a symbolic value and impact. When well mounted, even with small stones, the solitaire has often made the happiness of many sweethearts overwhelmed by its design.


The three-stone is a diamond ring composed of three stones symbolizing a couple's past, present, and future. This model allows for different diamond cuts making it a favorite.


The precious diamonds and brilliants surrounding the larger central diamond make this jewel incredibly bright. The halo engagement ring reflects the sunlight in all directions not letting the woman who wears it go unnoticed.

Double Halo

This ring is brilliant, elegant, and the center of attention. The style comes with a second line of tiny diamonds around the central stone. The double halo design gives the impression of an even larger ring. 


Dazzling and ingenious, straight rings are the embodiment of love. Styles that highlight the stone remain an essential choice of future brides because they are beautiful and modest.Straight


The exclusive design of twisted rings attracts couples for their unusual layers of twisted openwork patterns. Twisted engagement rings are striking pieces of jewelry that symbolize an unbreakable friendship and the promise of fate together.  

Cuts of diamond stones


The emerald cut shows excellent elegance in a rectangular shape. This cut also has the particularity of showing imperfections or inclusions and is not recommended for very low purities. The precise alignment of the facets in the emerald cut creates a wonderful sparkle.


The marquise has its roots in the French culture and alludes to the shape of a small ship,  “navette” in French. This fantastic cut is a potent symbol of romance, reminding us of the old Paris. The stone can be mounted vertically and horizontally.


The cushion cut is obtained by combining the square and round shapes. The resulting rounded edges resemble the shape of a cushion. This cut is often chosen by those who want to make an engagement ring or a vintage style proposal.


The round cut is the most famous of all cuts, commonly called brilliant-cut. It releases the maximum shine and develops the optimal size for a given carat. Over the centuries, the round cut has undergone profound changes in the facet and the proportions between the upper crown and the lower pavilion.


For a unique engagement ring, a pear diamond may be just what you are looking for. The stunning pear shape combines perfectly with a gorgeous halo frame with diamonds all around. This cut is a combination of a round and a marquise cut with an elongated tip at one end.


The princess cut is suited for artistic rings with clean lines. It features a square or rectangular cut, with typically 76 facets that ensure an intense sparkle.


The peculiar elongated shape of an oval cut diamond can appear slightly larger than other cuts of the same carat weight! For this reason, the oval is the choice of many customers. It combines the marquise cuts and the round cut.

The four Cs

Diamond rings come accompanied by a certificate of authenticity detailing their properties. But do you know the properties you should look for in a diamond? The four essential aspects are called the 4 Cs: carat, clarity, color, and cut.


Carat (karat) measures the weight, not the size of the diamond. The mount's size will help as a guide to the ideal karat. 


During the cutting of a diamond, imperfections naturally occur. Called stains or inclusions by gemologists, they mark the diamond's clarity. The most prized stones contain the fewest flaws. 


The color inscribed on the certificate of authenticity of a diamond does not refer to the stone's color but to the degree of purity of that shade.


The brilliance of the diamond is reproduced by the cut, which determines the degree of light reflection. Even if a diamond has a perfect degree of clarity and color, if the cut is not done well, the diamond will be lacking in brilliance.

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